Wednesday 27 October; Delft, Femius Koenderink 'Coupled scattering resonances to interface single emitters and single photons'



Nanoscience Seminar

Location: Zaal E

Time: 16:00 hrs

Can we collect each photon emitted by a single molecule with unit probability? Conversely, can we excite a single molecule with just a single quantum of light, with unit probability? Unit efficiency absorption and collection of photons by emitters is highly desirable, yet elusive since the diffraction limit precludes focusing beams to sizes as small as cross sections of molecules. The only successful schemes to date use high-Q cavities that only operate for select resonance wavelengths. I discuss a new broadband approach based on mimicking classical radio frequency approaches to create strongly directional receivers and senders. I will report on the use of plasmonic and metamaterial scatterers wich have resonant responses to electric and magnetic fields. We explore scanning probe techniques to move single emitters into the lithographically fabricated scattering-based ‘photon-emitter interface’.