Wednesday 22 September; Delft, Vladimir Falko Electronic properties of bilayer graphene''



Location: Room E

Time: 13:00 hrs


Physics Department, Lancaster University

I shall describe rich physics peculiar for elctrons in bilayer graphene at various scales of excitation energies. Using tight binding model for electrons in bilayers, I’ll show that electrons in bilayer graphene (BLG) are Berry phase 2π quasiparticles, with peculiar Landau level spectrum manifested in charactersitic sequencing of quantum Hall effect steps. I shall discuss the Lifshitz transition in BLG, which characterises the change in the topology of the electron Fermi line at low energies. Then, I shall describe BLG with externally broken symmetry: (a) the evolution of the Fermi line topology, the Landau level spectrum and Shoubnikov – de Haas oscillations in stretched BLG and (b) the interlayer asymmetry gap. Finally, subject to the lowest-energy physics of electron in bilayers, I shall discuss a possible spontaneous symmetry breaking in unperturbed BLG analysed using the renormalisation group theory for interaction in all possible symmetry-breaking interaction channels.