11 new NanoFront PhD projects awarded


Between 2013 and 2023, a staggering number of almost 100 PhD students will be appointed in the NanoFront program to work on the frontiers of bionanoscience, quantum nanoscience, and nanotechnology. The majority of these PhD positions are allotted over the various research groups within NanoFront via three so-called internal PhD calls. The first edition of these calls was organized in 2013, resulting in 22 new PhD projects, and the second round in 2015 led to 21 new PhD positions.

This year, we asked our PIs to exclusively submit synergetic research proposal, collaborative projects between quantum nanoscience and bionanoscience, Delft and Leiden, or combining theoretical and experimental research. In total 26 proposals were received in response to the NanoFront Internal PhD call 2017, most of them of teams within our consortium that did not work together before. The NanoFront Steering Committee decided to grant 11 projects, with topics ranging from machine learning to using CRISPR for resistance gene targeting. For a full overview of all the PhD projects that were awarded in the 2017 NanoFront Internal PhD call, see the table below.

Anton Akhmerov (Kavli QN),
Lieven Vandersypen (Qutech)
Machine learning of spin qubit design 
Carlo Beenakker (Leiden),
Leo DiCarlo (Qutech)

Machine learning for quantum computing 

Yaroslav Blanter (Kavli QN),
Hyun Youk (Kavli BN)
Percolation dynamics of multicellular origami
Stan Brouns (Kavli BN),
Sander Tans (Kavli BN)
Making bacteria sensitive to antibiotics using CRISPR resistance gene targeting
Martina Huber (Leiden),
Herre van der Zant (Kavli QN)
Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Ferritin – Linking NanoÔÇÉMagnetism and Biological Function
Daniela Kraft (Leiden),
Liedewij Laan (Kavli BN)
Multivalent interactions for super-selective colloids and self-organizing protein networks
Michel Orrit (Leiden), Sense Jan van der Molen (Leiden), Miriam Blaauboer (Kavli QN)Real-time probing of charge mobility in trap-free organic nanodevices
Stefan Semrau (Leiden),
Diego Garlaschelli (Leiden)
How do stem cells make decisions? Understanding the role of gene regulatory networks in driving cell differentiation
Toeno van der Sar (Kavli QN),
Jan Aarts (Leiden)
Exploring the dynamics of spin textures, and their interplay with triplet supercurrents
John van Noort (Leiden),
Chirlmin Joo (Kavli BN)
High throughput single-molecule study for efficient genome editing
Jan Zaanen (Leiden),
Milan Allan (Leiden) 
Measuring the nanoscale Planckian flow of electrons in strange metals