Nanoscience, the bottom-up exploration of matter from the most fundamental level of single atoms and molecules, constitutes one of the most exciting frontiers in science today.  
The nanotechnology toolbox has now matured to a level undreamed of before: single atoms and molecules are imaged and controlled to create and explore new structures with novel properties. Real-life systems like biological cells are studied at the nanoscale. The long-kept promise of nanoscience is now generating actual breakthroughs at the crossroads of physics, chemistry and biology.

NanoFront will explore the most promising frontiers of nanoscience in a synergetic program geared towards fundamental breakthroughs as well as applications. The research is centered around the following themes:

1. Frontiers of quantum nanoscience – from quantum surprises to quantum devices

  • 1A. Exploring the nature and limits of quantum mechanics in nanodevices
  • 1B. Exploiting quantum mechanics in nanodevices
2. Frontiers of bionanoscience – exploring and building life from the nanoscale up

  • 2A. The workings of the inner cell from the nanoscale up.
  • 2B. Building from the nanoscale up

3. Frontiers of nanotechnology - get real, go live

  • 3A. New nano-vision: imaging under live conditions
  • 3B. Building novel nanodevices

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