Applied vacuum technology training



13:30 - 16:30 h




Do you work with cryogenic and/or vacuum systems? If so, the QuTech Cryoteam (TU Delft) offers you a crash course on vacuum technology! The course is organized by Jason Mensingh.

All things vacuum related will be covered, such as:

  • Training;
  • Equipment;
  • Out-gassing;
  • Leak testing;
  • (Turbo) pumps;
  • Pressure gauges;
  • KF, CF, ISO vacuum "lego" parts.

This course is given once a month on a Tuesday afternoon. The next three courses are scheduled for 6 June, 4 July and 1 August from 13.30–16.30h.

Contact Casimir Coordinator Celine Alkemade if you are interested in joining one of the next courses (specify which one).