ASML PhD Master Class 2019



At ASML we push technology further, to print microchip features that are finer. The way to achieve this is via teamwork! Our current R&D team that is more than 8,500 people strong and has over 800 PhDs. But we are always looking for highly talented engineers that may want to join us. 

For the seventh year in a row, we organize our PhD Master Class for talented PhDs. During this Master Class we will introduce some of our fascinating and fundamental technology challenges and interact with highly talented engineers that may want to work with us in facing and solving them.


This year we are looking forward to welcoming around 70 PhDs for this three-day event that well be held on November 7 (evening), 8 and 9. We are inviting PhDs in their last phase of study (or with max 1 years of work experience), who are excellent in team-work and able to think out of the box.

We will run a campaign to announce the PhD Master Class and invite people to apply, but in addition I would like to ask you if you know anyone who would be suitable to join this event and/or the ASML R&D team. Please check your network – family, relatives, former colleagues - if you know someone. If your suggested person is hired by ASML, you will get a referral bonus.

The competences we focus on are:

  • (Applied) Physics / Astronomy
  • Computer Science / Embedded Systems / Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Information Technology / Computational Science / Software Engineering
  • (Applied) Mathematics

  • (Physical) Chemistry / Chemical Engineering

  • Material Sciences

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechatronics / Systems & Control

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Nanotechnology / Nanoscience / Nanomaterials


If you know anyone who fits the description please upload their resume via a referral. More information on how to make a referral can be found here. The requisition number for the PhD Master Class 2019 is req10187.


The number of places at the PhD Master Class is limited; hence we will make an initial selection based on the CV’s we receive before we confirm someone’s attendance.


For more information on the PhD Master Class, please visit the website.