Bertus Beaumont opens up & kicks off as TNW Diversity Officer


On September 1st, I started my work as Diversity Officer of the Faculty of Applied Sciences for one day per week. Here you can read more about how my life path made this career development almost inevitable, why I long lacked the courage to see this, what diversity & inclusion is all about and what it can offer you and us.  In short, I recognize in D&I an opportunity to boost the impact and wellbeing of everybody in our organization. A key to taking this opportunity is the courage to begin to openly explore how we inadvertently compromise our own sense of belonging and that of others, which limits our collective happiness and productivity.

Later this month, I will host the first D&I Opportunity Meet Up for TNW, kicking-off a community effort to boldly explore the D&I landscape. But what about the Bionanoscience department? Knowing our ambitious and progressive culture, I think we have what it takes to seize the opportunities that D&I offers. What can we do to allow our diverse personalities and talents to flow with optimal freedom, authenticity and impact?
If you recognize aspects of the D&I opportunity, have ideas/observations/experiences/questions, want to get involved or have anything you would like to share with me in relation to this topic, do not hesitate to let me know (h.j.e.beaumont@tudelft.nl). I depend on your input and feedback (anything is welcome) to help set things in motion. What can you do to help us take The D&I Opportunity?