Call for NTvN award (for PhD students and recently-graduated postdocs)


Any (future) physicist in the second year or above his or her doctoral research, or who obtained her/his PhD after January 1 2013, is invited to participate in this contest for PhD students and postdocs who have recently graduated. Non-physicists who performed PhD research on a topic that is related to physics can also participate. Participants are challenged to submit a good, coherent, fluent article on their research (dissertation).

Target Readers:
Dutch (upcoming) physicists: students (college/university); employees in education, research or business; pensioners.

Contest Article Guidelines:

  • The article should be about the PhD research, not about any other topic;
  • The article must be legible and understandable to physicists outside their field;
  • The article must be written in Dutch or English (for those who do not speak Dutch);
  • Total words: 2000 words maximum, which includes figure captions, references, biography of the author, headings and subheadings, etc. (manuscripts that exceed this limit will be rejected);
  • Concise title;
  • Introduction (100 words maximum);
  • Subheadings after every 300 words;
  • Explain any jargon (or even better, try to avoid jargon);
  • Minimal use of formulas (if unavoidable, make use of a separate box);
  • A good ratio of text to illustrations (minimum resolution of graphics: 300 dpi);
  • Scientific biography of the author (maximum 60 words) with a photo;
  • The manuscript must be written independently by the contestant;
  • The content of the manuscript should not have been published previously.

Submission of the manuscript:
Submissions should be sent digitally in the form of a Word document to ntvn@ntvn.nl. Any figures or other related matter or attachments should be incorporated/embedded in the Word file and not sent separately. 

Reviewing the submissions:
A jury, consisting of members of the editorial board of the journal, will prepare a proposal for the three best submissions. The editorial board will ultimately decide who the winners will be. The three best submissions will be published in the Dutch Journal of Physics (NTvN). Additionally, the winning authors will obtain a cash prize: first prize 1000 euro, second prize 750 euro and third prize 500 euro. The prizes will be awarded on 8 April during FYSICA 2016 in Nijmegen, the annual meeting of the NNV.

Submission deadline:
The manuscript must be submitted to ntvn@ntvn.nl before December 1, 2015.

For more information:
Contact Esger Brunner or Marieke de Boer on 020 5922250, or send an e-mail to ntvn@ntvn.nl.