CANCELLED: DRSTP Postgraduate Course (AIO/OIO school) - SPTCM





DRSTP Postgraduate Course (AIO/OIO school) - SPTCM
Statistical Physics and Theory of Condensed Matter

Subject to change due to Covid-19 pandemic.
Location: Fletcher hotel Callantsoog, Callantsoog
Organizers: Jasper van Wezel (UvA), Laura Filion (UU), Stefano Polla (UL)

week 1 (12-18 June 2021

Chris Hooley (St. Andrews) - Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems
Bela Mulder (UvA) - Theory of Biomolecular Matter
Carlo Beenakker (UL) - Random-matrix theory of Majorana fermions and topological superconductors
Frank Smallenburg (Orsay) - When liquids misbehave

Evening speakers:
Elisa Chisari (UU) - Perspectives in the quest for constraining the cosmological model
Julia Cramer (UL) - Science communication


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