Casimir Coordinator Marije Boonstra says thank you and goodbye!


After nine years it is time for a new challenge for me. In March, I will become the Physics Education Program Coordinator at LION, Leiden University. I’m happy to start something new, but I also feel a bit sad that I now have to leave something behind that I was grown very fond of: the Leiden-Delft Casimir community. 
I’ve always enjoyed my job, and I really felt being part of all the different research groups that Casmir comprises. We had fun sailing in Arnemuiden, and later in Heeg (who would have guessed that taking care of literally capsized PhD students was part of the job), and I organized drinks, courses and events with much pleasure. Over the years, I became more aware of the challenges that early career researchers face, and noticed that there was room for improvement here and there. So I was happy that, together with my fantastic PhD Platform members, I was able to start several initiatives that -hopefully- have ameliorated the PhD journey for some of you.
I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm to join our events, and I would like to thank the Casimir team, the Board, the Educational Committee, the (former) directors Jan van Ruitenbeek, Tjerk Oosterkamp and Christophe Danelon, and in particular Casimir management assistant Trudy Geurds for their support. I’m confident that you will keep up the good work, together with the new Casimir Coordinator that we hopefully can introduce on this website soon. 
See you around!