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We have all been there, in a situation of inappropriate/unacceptable behavior where you would like to do something but you’re not sure how. The ‘Active Bystander’ course is an innovative and award-winning training session which gives you the skills to challenge those types of behaviour, including those which may have become normalized over time.

The objective of the training is to give you:

• Decision-making techniques to help you overcome fear and self-doubt when faced with a challenging situation

• Assertiveness techniques to give you the confidence and tools to speak out, whether you are dealing with the challenge directly or calling for help from others.

The session features scenarios of negative behaviour specific for your environment which are discussed interactively in groups. At the end of the course you receive an ‘Active Bystander’ toolkit booklet, which contains the main techniques covered in the session.

The duration of the session is 75 minutes and there is room for 30 participants.

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If you would like to read more about the course or about Scott Solder:

Active Bystander Training | Challenging Antisocial Behaviour - The Active Bystander Training Company

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Active Bystander

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