Casimir Course Physics for Biologists (MSc course Molecular Biophysics)



Wednesday and Fridays in Nov/Dec 2014, practicum 5-9 Jan. 2015


Leiden University, Gorlaeus building, Einsteinweg 55, room L114.


 Physics for Biologists: MSc course Molecular Biophysics

Instructor: dr. R.T. Dame
Course Contents

We have received several requests to offer a Physics for Biologists course. We believe that this course, taught by Remus Dame at an MSc level, will fill the needs. 

This course deals with various topics from molecular biology, biochemistry, polymer physics and cell biology from a biophysical point of view. These topics will be illustrated using research articles and topics from current research.

Subjects are: DNA; DNA packing; Chromatin; cytoskelton; microtubules, actin etc. : polymer stretching; metor enzymes; membranes; machines in membranes

Study Goals At the end of the course the student is familiar with biophysical approaches to address molecular and cellular problems in biology. The student will be able to formulate an appropriate approach for any such question and will be able to formulate simple quantitative biophysical descriptions of biological systems. Finally, the student will be able to appreciate the importance of interdisciplinary research.
 5 GSC
Education Method lectures
Literature and Study Materials "Physical Biology of the Cell' by Philips, Kondev, Theriot & Garcia, 2nd edition 2013, Garland Science. Extra material (articles etc.) will be provided.
Assessment Insight and knowledge will be assessed by writing a literature essay on the topic of one of the lectures and the application of theory discussed during the lectures/described in the text book.

A select group of enthusiastic students will have the opportunity to take part in an interdisciplinary lab course.


Leiden University, Gorlaeus building, Einsteinweg 55, room L114.

Dates and time

Course days: Wednesdays 5, 12, 19, 26 November and 1 December (11:00-12.30), and Fridays 7, 14, 28 November and 5 & 12 December (13:30-15:00).

Practicum: 5 - 9 January 2014 (5 full days)