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five full days


Delft, building 22, Lorentzweg 1. Room A053, except for the morning of Nov 6 (then in A164)


Course team: Anton Akhmerov and Michael Wimmer
Course days: 5 full days, 10:00 - 17:00 hrs
Credits: 5 GSC

Course description: The majority of scientists encounter tasks where programming is either helpful or even required. With relatively little training, you can solve these tasks in a fast, systematic, and clean way while also making your solutions reusable for yourself and others. This one-week long intensive workshop will give you this training.

You will learn:

  • Basics of programming: the ABCs.
  • The unix shell: a different view on your files.
  • Using libraries: stand on the shoulders of giants.
  • Structuring your program: no spaghetti code.
  • Testing: are you really sure there are no bugs?
  • Version control: this worked yesterday!
  • Communicating with hardware.
  • Data storage and processing: how to not get lost.
  • Next steps: publishing your code, using supercomputers, and more.

We will focus on hands-on exercises where you will immediately apply the new skills.

It is impossible to master these topics within a week, but you will know how to improve and where to look for further development. The course is suitable for people with little prior knowledge as well as for those familiar with some of the course topics.

The course is based on the Python programming language due to its low entry barrier and popularity within scientific computing, however many things that you learn will apply to other programming languages.

The course is aimed at both PhD students and postdocs.

NB: Please bring your own laptop!

Registration: Please register for this course by filling in the form below. The data will be used for organizational purposes only, we won't keep the registration list in our archives longer than necessary.

Due to the room capacity, the maximum number of participants is 50.

Registration list on 17-8-2018:

Full name University Position
1 Patrick Spaeth Leiden University PhD student
2 Dong Zhang Delft University PhD student
3 Swej Shah Delft University PhD student
4 banafsheh shiralilou Leiden University MSc student
5 Shaurya Sachdev Delft University PhD student
6 yuguang chen Delft University PhD student
7 Hristo Barakov Delft University PhD student
8 Rangaswamy Kuppuswamy, Sathish KumarDelft University PhD student
9 Guanzhong Wang Delft University PhD student
10 Sophie Tschirpke Delft University PhD student
11 Aswin Muralidharan Delft University PhD student
12 Els Sweep Delft University PhD student
13 Arno Bargerbos Delft University PhD student
14 Cristian Aparicio-Maldonado Delft University PhD student
15 Matteo Pompili Delft University PhD student
16 Tanja Kuhm Delft University PhD student
17 Maarten Plokker Delft University PhD student
18 Ines Rodrigues Delft University PhD student


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