Casimir Course - Theoretical Biophysics



Every Tuesday between 6 February and 8 May, 15:30 - 17:15 hrs


Leiden, Huygens Building, Niels Bohrweg 2, HL204 (6-2&13-2 HL207; 13-3:HL226)


Course content
This course provides a theorist's perspective on biophysics. There is an explosion of data from extremely sophisticated experiments (e.g. single molecules experiments) that, in order to be interpreted, require a theoretical understanding on the basis of statistical mechanics.

Instead of trying to provide a broad overview over the molecular biology of the whole cell, I shall focus on the molecules that are involved in the so-called central dogma: information flows from DNA via RNA to proteins. The common structure of these molecules is that they are polymers.

More specifically I discuss: polymer physics, DNA melting, DNA-protein complexes (especially nucleosomes and protein-target search), kinetic proofreading for transcription.

The course is intended for the PhD students and postdocs associated to the Casimir Research School but is also appropriate for Masters students. Both, more theoretically and more experimentally oriented student should profit from this course.

There will be reading assignments and homework.

Prof. dr. Helmut Schiessel

H. Schiessel (2014): Biophysics for Beginners: a Journey through the Cell Nucleus, Pan Stanford Publishing (ISBN-13: 978-9814241656).

Credits: 5 GSC.