Casimir Knowlegde Platform - help and learn from your fellow PhD students in Leiden and Delft!


Now we are all mostly working from home your work(load) may have changed tremendously. You may want to use the time to learn new research skills, or you have time left to teach them to others. Or you might be looking for someone to talk to during these difficult weeks - we are all in this together and a lot of you may experiences the same difficulties (ranging from feeling lonely or just wanting to talk about something else then research and covid news). Since we are with more than 250 PhD students in Casimir, we think we should be able to help each other in some way. Therefore, we have created the Casimir Knowledge Platform. If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form and let us know what you would like to gain, or what you can share. The Casimir office will match you to a fellow PhD student. 

Just to give you an idea of the responses we already received:

Things I could teach/could do for others:
structuring & organising things
 note-taking (using latex & bibtex) for retaining knowledge from literature
 general buddy
 basics of latex
 creative poster design - how express your research topic in your poster design
 adobe illustrator (basics & intermediate)
 basics of indesign/ indesign for poster making
Things I would like to learn from others
how to start a python project
 linear stability analysis for dynamic systems (non-linear behaviour)
 error-propagation & basics of statistics
 homology modelling
 making a movie with crystal structures in different confirmations


Looking forward to your responses!