Casimir Online Assignment - Computational project: Molecular dynamics simulation of Argon



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In our daily lives we are used to encounter different phases of matter. For instance, water can be in the form of ice covering lakes and canals, it is fluid when it comes out of the tap, and it turns to vapour when you boil it. In this assignment you write a simulation code to explore different phases of matter quantitatively for a simpler system: Argon atoms (water is surprisingly complicated and still an ongoing field of research). Through these simulations you will be able to experience the physics of different phases and investigate their behavior in a systematic and quantitative way. 

Purpose of this project
This is a 5 GSC (3 EC) computational physics project intended for Casimir PhD students who have not done already the very similar projects in the MSc courses ”Computational Physics” at Leiden University or TU Delft. If you decide to work on this project, please let me know via email to You can also ask me questions via email as work yourself through the project. Please write the code in Python. The project contains milestones. Make sure that each time you have reached a mile stone that you have a working code before going further. At the end please send me a short report containing a short description of the project, the results and the code. I will then decide whether you passed the project or whether some further improvements are necessary. 

Instructor: Prof. Helmut Schiessel

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