Casimir Online Course - Introduction to Angular Programming offered by NCIM





Industry–oriented programming course with software developers from the company NCIM


Learn a new programming language, build a face and object recognition application and maybe meet your future employer! NCIM offers a 2 day workshop specifically for our research school, where you will use JavaScript/the Angular framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services.


Introduction to Angular Programming Course

In this programming course we give an introduction to Angular. We teach the student the basic understanding on how the web works and what has changed in the last few years. We look at the basic components of angular and how they work. The second day of the course we will connect our app to the “outside world”. We let our app talk to an API to get information. We use Microsoft Cognitive Services for the information. This API uses AI to analyse the information sent to it and returns information about the given information. For this course we will use the service to tag all objects within an image. We will use this information to filter our images.


Credits: 2 GSC (for Delft PhD students: to be registered in the research skills category of your DMA)


For more information and a detailed program of the two course days, see attachment. 


30 May - 14 June 2023

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