Casimir Online Course - Ready to Publish!



Online - 13:30 - 14:30 hrs


Already have data ready to publish? In this online workshop-style course, you’ll turn in your data into figures and figures into a scientific story.  You’ll share your experiences with other students and receive guidance in the writing process.  The first session will focus on the writing process and setting goals (23 April) and the wrap-up session (7 May) will focus on remaining obstacles and a reflection on skills that you still want to develop (which will be discussed in an individual tutorial).
This course is based on the principle of self-guided learning wherein the instructor is your coach and you set your own goals. You will have your draft open during the sessions to discuss in class. A peer review moment is scheduled in the weeks between the 23rd of April session and the 7th of May session.  You will also receive assignments before and after the sessions to get you started and keep writing. 
This course, taught by Casimir alumna Dominique Donato, consists of two sessions of about an hour for 10 students, with an additional one hour individual tutorial.

Is closed now. 

We will issue a Casimir Certificate of 3 GSC for this course. For Delft PhD students: these can be registered under the transferable skills section in your DMA.