Casimir course - Programming (online: network-based instruction)





The majority of scientists encounter tasks where programming is either helpful or even required. With relatively little training, you can solve these tasks in a fast, systematic, and clean way while also making your solutions reusable for yourself and others. This Casimir course will give you this training.

Learning goals
The learning goals of this programming course are the following:

  • Inform everyone about programming tools and practices that can help your research.
  • Provide entry-level practical skill in each of those tools and practices.
  • Give enough information for participants to continue learning on their own.
  • Provide participants an opportunity to ask questions and discuss open problems.

Target course participants
The course is aimed at both PhD students and postdocs. It is suitable for people with little prior knowledge as well as for those familiar with some of the course topics. It primarily targets physicists, but should be suitable for researchers from other disciplines as well.

Course format
Other than previous years, the format is switched to a community/mentorship model, where teammates and mentors are found via a forum. Together, they use the course materials and infrastructure to work on hands-on exercises to immediately apply the new skills. This allows you to self-pace your participation. At the end of the course, a short report will show the achieved results and will be evaluated by the instructor. After successfully completing the course, you might become a mentor for other participants. Going over the materials again from the instructor perspective will deepen your understanding and acquire mentoring experience.

This programming course is based on the Python programming language due to its low entry barrier and popularity within scientific computing. However, many things that you learn will apply to other programming languages.

Course team
The course is developed by Anton Akhmerov, Michael Wimmer and others.

The course will take about five full days to complete (planned according your own schedule). After successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate for 5 GSCs.

More information and registration
Please find all details on this course page, where you can also find the instructions to register for the course.