Company visit to NXP


On Thursday October 29th, about 30 PhD students and postdocs from the Leiden Institute of Physics and Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft traveled to Eindhoven to visit the R&D department of NXP Semiconductors.

There, we were welcomed by Kavli Delft QN/MED-PI Peter Steeneken, who also works at NXP as a Principal Scientist. After giving an interesting overview of the company's history, Peter showed which products and devices are developed at NXP. He also highlighted the role that physicists play in the company: the provide all the basic buiding block of NXP's products. Peter's presentation can be downloaded via the link in the below.

These products were shown to us by two of Peter's colleagues at the Next Experience Lab. Here, NXP has an overview of the products and systems that operate with their technology, for example NFC chips (in credit cards) and techniques that can make our homes, buildings, infrastructure, and even entire cities 'smart'.

Later that afternoon, we learned from the career path of six of Peter's colleagues, all physicists, that there are many different projects to work on at NXP, either as an expert of a specific technique or as a team manager. All participants could mingle with these NXP employees during the drinks, before we boarded the buss again to return to Delft and Leiden.

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