Distinguished researchers

Scientists participating in the Casimir Research School have made and are making very valuable new contributions to science and technology.

  • The contributions from Delft have been internationally highlighted by an endowment of the Kavli Foundation making the institute the only European Kavli Institute.
  • A prestigious personal Dutch research grant called Spinoza-grant was awarded to eight of our scientists: Ronald Hanson (2019), Marileen Dogterom (2018), Michel Orrit (2017), Dirk Bouwmeester (2014), Leo Kouwenhoven (2007), Jan Zaanen (2006), Cees Dekker (2003) and Carlo Beenakker (1999).
  • A Marie Curie Excellence grant was given to Dirk Bouwmeester in 2007.

For more awards, prizes, received grants and fellowships, check the news overview and our archive.