DRSTP Symposium Trends in Theory 2021



Every two years the DRSTP organizes the symposium Trends in Theory.
This symposium is part of the educational program for our PhD students who are encouraged to present a poster on this occasion. The symposium is an opportunity for all DRSTP members to meet and share their ideas on recent developments in the area of theoretical physics.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's program consists of various talks by newly-appointed Dutch theoretical physicists and a discussion organized by PhD students. In between and after the conference there will be the opportunity to socialize online. Attached you'll find the program.


You may also visit the website at (note particular that because of this year’s online format, there is no need to register).

Zoom link

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Meeting ID: 942 7283 9894
Passcode: HuU4sA





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