ERC Advanced Grants for Leiden PI Carlo Beenakker


The European Research Commission (ERC) has awarded Advanced Grants to two Leiden researchers: Joke Meijer and Carlo Beenakker. Joke Meijer will be researching the effect of the biological clock on our health and Carlo Beenakker will be looking for Majorana fermions in superconductors.


Carlo Beenakker: Majorana fermions in superconductors

Qubits, the building blocks of a quantum computer, do not usually move. This is problematic in the development of a topological quantum computer because these work by exchanging qubits – a process known as ‘entanglement.’ With his ERC project, Beenakker aims to find out whether these qubits can be made to move with the aid of a superconducting material. Read the whole article