FOM Valorisation Chapter Prize 2015 awarded to former Kavli/Delft QN-QT PhD student Gabriele Bulgarini


FOM will award the 2015 Valorisation Chapter Prize for PhD theses to former Kavli/Delft QN-QT PhD student Gabriele Bulgarini. Gabriele Bulgarini defended his PhD thesis on "Nanowire-based Quantum Photonics" at Delft University of Technology in May 2014. According to the jury, Gabriele has clearly given considerable and high-quality thought to the application, description and implementation of quantum technology.

In his research, Gabriele focused on the electrical and optical properties of quantum dots – minuscule semiconductors that are only billionths of a metre in size. Quantum dots can be used as artificial light sources because they emit photons. However this also means that quantum dots can serve as building blocks in future systems that encode and transmit quantum information. For this Bulgarini developed a very efficient system based on quantum dots in one-dimensional nanowires.

In the chapter that Gabriele devoted to valorisation, he concluded that nanowires are now sufficiently developed to form the basis for future quantum communication technology. He showed which obstacles have already been overcome and considered applications such as complete optical quantum computers and quantum cryptography. Gabriele will continue his research at the TU Delft spin-off company Single Quantum. Gabriele will receive his money-prize of € 5,000.- during the Physics@FOM Veldhoven symposium in January 2016.