Hendrik Casimir Prize 2012


The Casimir Research School yearly awards prizes for the best MSc students. This year’s award winners are Christopher Watson (Delft) and Jelmer Wagenaar (Leiden). They receive the Hendrik Casimir prize 2012, in the form of a certificate and a sum of €750,- .

The prize is based on the revenues from a donation by the late Josina Casimir-Jonker, widow of the famous Hendrik Casimir. The selection was made by a committee formed by dr. Jos Thijssen (director of Master Education Delft), prof. Jan Aarts (Director of Education Leiden) and dr. Sander Otte (coordinator of the Casmir pre-PhD Master program).

The prize winners, Christopher Watson and Jelmer Wagenaar, have been selected because of their exceptional results in experimental physics as well as in theoretical physics. By their enthusiasm they form a source of inspiration and stimulation for their fellow students.