Hendrik Casimir Prize 2014 awarded to Anne Meeussen (Leiden), Jorinde van de Vis (Leiden), and Sander Konijnenberg (Delft)


The Casimir Research School yearly awards the Hendrik Casimir Prize to outstanding MSc students. Usually, there are two winners per year. This year the jury had selected three equally outstanding students. The Casimir Director decided to award all three with the Hendrik Casimir Prize. This year’s award winners are Anne Meeussen (Leiden), Jorinde van de Vis (Leiden), and Sander Konijnenberg (Delft). They each will receive a certificate and a sum of €750,- . The prize is based on the revenues from a donation to the Leiden University Fund by the late Josina Casimir-Jonker, widow of the famous Hendrik Casimir.

The selection was made by dr. Jos Thijssen (Director of the Master track Applied Physics, Delft), dr. Martin van Exter (Director of Education, Leiden) and dr. Christophe Danelon (coordinator of the Casmir pre-PhD Master track). The prize winners were selected because of their exceptional study results during the first year of their MSc program, combined with the fact that they actively contribute to the education program.
Anne MeeussenJorinde van de VisSander Konijnenberg
Anne Meeussen                Jorinde v.d. Vis        Sander Konijnenberg