How to avoid burnout: Mental Fitness Workshop for PhD candidates



18:30-20:30 hrs




Doing a PhD trajectory can be intense and stressful sometimes. PhD candidates face high work pressure and can be at serious risk of a burnout. This workshop is about what PhD candidates need to know about burnouts, how to deal with it and how to avoid it.

We talk about topics and questions like: 

  • How can we recognise the early signs of a burnout? 
  • Why do we stagnate for long periods, even though we are hard-workers and individuals with high potential? 
  • What are the factors that make us more vulnerable and susceptible to an anxiety disorder or a burnout? 
  • How can we best protect ourselves from that possibility?
  • How do we stop self-sabotage? 
  • What shall we do when we are in the midst of a burnout and increase the chances of recovering faster? 
  • During recovery time, how can we preserve our Inner Peace in the best possible way? 
Let's meet and talk about what you need to know about a Burnout. In our 2-hour workshop you will learn:
  • How to see the red flags of a burnout and prevent it as soon as possible.
  • How to build healthy habits in order to protect your mental health.
  • How to understand your negative thinking and how to reverse it.
  • How to increase your healthy mindset and your work-life balance.
About the trainer


Vassia Sarantopoulou has previously provided training for PhD students at Leiden University at the request of LEO. She is the head psychologist and the founder and owner of AntiLoneliness, a company offering mental health services in The Netherlands and also worldwide. She is also a Trainer, a Perfectionism Expert and a Mental Health Ambassador. She is trained in (Group) Schema Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy, among other approaches (CBT, ACT, CFT), and she is a member of NIP (Dutch Institute for Psychologists). Through AntiLoneliness and its team of psychologists, she offers individual, couples or groups sessions to those who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, burnout, loneliness, relationship issues, transition/change, expat life. 

You can contact her at or follow AntiLoneliness in one of our social media platforms for more practical and useful tips on Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being: Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - LinkedIn

For questions: Janneke Vader (SAZ) 


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