iGEM Grand Champion Award for team under supervison of Kavli-Delft/BN PI Anne Meyer


On Monday September 28th, the awards ceremony for the iGEM international synthetic biology competition took place in Boston, USA, where 259 teams from all over the world competed to engineer new functions into organisms. There, the TU Delft iGEM team, under the guidance of BN PI Anne Meyer (who won the Judges’ Prize), won the award for Grand Champion, making them the best team in the world! They also won the prizes for Best Hardware, Best Applied Design, and Best Wiki (website).

This year’s team worked to design a 3-D printer capable of printing controlled biofilms, thin layers of bacteria, using the children’s toy K’NEX. The engineered biofilms we created could be applied as a test platform for research in both industrial and medical applications.


For more news see http://www.tudelft.nl/nl/actueel/laatste-nieuws/artikel/detail/studenten-tu-delft-winnen-igem-competitie-met-bacterieprinter/