Innovative HealthTech idea? Sign up now for the Proof it! award 2015 competition to win 5000 euro!


Do you have a HealthTech idea which is disruptive and innovative? Sign up now and get the chance to win 5,000 euro!

This prize may enable you to create a prototype to convince investors, consumers and buyers and to prove that your idea will work and will really make a difference.

The contest

The proof it! award is open for everyone with a good idea which will radically change the current healthcare: entrepreneurs, scientists, healthcare professionals and students in the Medical Delta region.

You can sign up as an individual, a team or as a company, with products, services and product-service combinations.

Favourable ideas:  

  • Have enthusiastic leaders
  • Have a clear impact on the current healthcare
  • Are able to realize a prototype within a year
  • Do involve end-users
  • Are in contact with potential launching customers


To make a change to win the Proof it! award 2015 we ask you to clearly describe your idea using the registration form. Feel free to back up your idea with visuals and add at least one picture or drawing. You are asked to explicate the following topics:

  • What makes your idea innovative?
  • What is the impact of your idea, both social and financial? In other words, how many people will be helped or how many costs will be reduced?
  • Which experts are involved and who will help you to realize your prototype?
  • How are you going to build your prototype and what is your plan after it is finished?

Also explain how you are going to realize your prototype within 1 year.

The finalists will be asked to pitch their idea to the jury during the Border Sessions Festival on 11 November 2015 in The Hague. Besides the finalists get the chance to present their results in the next edition of the festival in 2016. 


Sign up before midnight 23 October 2015 using the registration form

Should you have any questions please contact us: proofit@medicaldelta.nl


1e prize: 5,000.- euro
2e prize: 2,500.- euro
3e prize: 2,500.- euro

There is more.....

The best ideas deserve some extra attention. Therefore we will offer the finalists support of Medical Delta Innovation Team during the realization of the prototype. Besides, we will connect the finalists to the Medical Delta Network of clinicians, end-users, scientists and industry for their expertise and support. And of course there will be a lot of media attention.