Interviewees wanted! Are you a postdoc? Join us for a 30 min. interview and help us gain insights in responsible and inclusive research in physics


In the context of a science communication research project, we – Jessie van Hattum & Klara Keutel students of TU Delft Science Communication Department (with side-kick Julia Cramer)- are investigating the role of collaboration and including stakeholders in physics research. The results may be used in an EU Horizon 2020 project. We aim to find out to what extend researchers are active in engaging external stakeholders. Without giving away too much, you will be asked questions on your experience with stakeholder inclusion, engagement and collaboration, and the relevance or barriers of this within your research. It is not required that you have experience with this topic.

In conclusion, we are looking for physics postdoc researchers who are willing to share insights from their day-to-day research activities in a 30-45 min. interview. Your data will be kept confidential. 

Who are we looking for: Applied and fundamental physics postdoc researchers at Casimir Research School.

What: Join a 30-45min interview and share insights from your day-to-day research practice.

When/Where: At Leiden University or at TU Delft, between now and May 19 (the sooner the better).

What's in for you: Cookies and eternal gratitude! And insights in ongoing research on responsible and inclusive research practice. 

Interested? Let us know at klara.keutel@gmail.com and we'll discuss the details.