Jetty van Ginkel wins NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize (NWO)


(By: NWO) Jetty van Ginkel, who recently earned her doctorate from the Delft University of Technology, has won the 2017 NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize. She won the prize for the valorisation chapter in her PhD thesis entitled 'Peptide Fingerprinting Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence'. The award ceremony will take place on 23 January 2018 during the annual national physics conference Physics@Veldhoven.

Jetty van Ginkel defended her thesis and received her doctoral degree on 20 December 2016. Her PhD supervisors were Prof. Cees Dekker and Dr Chirlmin Joo, both of the Delft University of Technology.

Successful route from new technology to practical applications

Van Ginkel's research aimed to develop a new method for recognising proteins at the molecular level by means of fluorescence. Van Ginkel saw the potential impact of her findings for the medical sector and initiated the process of applying for a patent. She also took an active role in exploring the various possible business development strategies and in looking for partners and financing. She managed to incorporate the entire process in an exceptionally clearly written valorisation chapter in her doctoral thesis. In that chapter she clearly describes how the new technology stands in relation to existing alternatives, and she maps out the route to be taken to ensure its application in practice. Fully aware that there is still a long way to go, Van Ginkel discusses the conditions that offer the best prospects for successfully following that route, and she clearly indicates the market potential.

The selection committee found that Van Ginkel made a thorough and critical analysis of the current state of the technology. She developed a plan of approach that will be very useful as input for the development of a business plan.

Career path

As this project is not yet ripe for an actual transition to the market, Jetty van Ginkel is now focusing on supporting other scientists in preparing for that transition. After having earned her PhD she began working as the Business Development Manager at the Technology Transfer Office of Erasmus Medical Centre. There, she scouts and screens new findings, helps protect IP, negotiates contracts with interested market parties and helps them set up new companies.

NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize

To encourage PhD students to devote a chapter in their thesis to the valorisation aspects of their research, NWO Physics established the Valorisation Chapter Prize in 2008. The prize includes a sum of EUR 5,000.

Contact information

Jeroen van Houwelingen
(NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize), +31 (0)30 600 1244