John Walter starts as new artist-in-residence at Kavli Delft



Dr John Walter is a visual artist working across a diverse range of media including painting, moving image, installation, Virtual Reality and curating. His work is characterised by a disarming use of colour, humour and hospitality, which he has historically turned to address a range of difficult subjects including viruses. Wellcome and Arts Council England have supported his work. He was awarded the 2016 Hayward Curatorial Open for Shonky: The Aesthetics of Awkwardness. The Arts Council Collection and The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool have collected his work. Recent exhibitions include: Lockdown Tarot (Plymouth Art Weekender, 2020); Queer Algorithms (Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland, 2020); Co-Factors (Suttie Arts Space, Aberdeen, 2020); Brexit Gothic (DKUK, 2019); Crep Suzette - A Shoe Show (with Bert McLean, LUVA, 2019); The Fourth Wall (Look Again Festival Aberdeen, 2019); Booze Guitar (Matt’s Gallery, 2018); CAPSID (CGP and HOME, 2018); Somewhere in Between (Wellcome Collection, 2018); Coming Out: Sexuality Gender and Identity (Walker Art Gallery, 2017); The Zany Capsid (Hardwick Gallery, 2017); Alien Sex Club (Ambika P3, London, 2015).


Information about my project:

In Patterns in Time: A Nanomemetics of the Paisley Pattern I will be continuing my artist research into viruses of the mind (memes) using the Paisley Pattern as an example of a successful replicator - one demonstrating fecundity, fidelity and longevity - within the context of current scientific research being undertaken at Kavli Institute Delft. I seek to transpose nanoscientific ideas onto the Paisley Pattern in order to re-engineer it and make it evolutionarily fitter. I will be using a diverse range of analogue and digital media to explore this including drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, virtual reality and video.