Kavli receives 5 million in quest for “missing link” in quantum communication


Delft University of Technology and its Kavli Institute of Nanoscience received a five-million-dollar grant from The Kavli Foundation to fund a collaborative effort to develop the quantum equivalent of telecommunication. A team of 14 quantum physicists and biophysicists have set out to find a missing link between quantum computing, sensing, and communication: a transduction system to send and receive quantum information across a broad range of frequencies. This system would allow for a standardised way of connecting quantum devices and sharing information between them, similar to how the worldwide telecommunication network connects us today and allows us to share information through the internet, Bluetooth, phone calls, and more.

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The Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft (KIND) comprises the Delft-part of our Casimir Research School. It includes the departments of Bionanoscience, Quantum Nanoscience, and specific groups in QuTech.