Knowledge valorisation: how your research may change the world - read the factsheets of Marien Bremmer and Marco Tompitak here


Within our NanoFront program, we would like to stimulate knowledge valorisation, dissemination of scientific information that has social and economic value.

Apart from offering courses to increase the awareness of the importance of valorisation amongst our researchers, we also would like to see our PhD students and postdoctoral researchers taking action to show how their research can contribute to society and industry.

That is why we encourage all our PhD students and postdocs at the Leiden Institute of Physics and at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft to write a factsheet on the knowledge valorisation possibilities of their research. 

Curious about what such a factsheet should look like, or what is in it for you? Download the file 'Info on the NanoFront knowledge valorisation factsheet'.

For inspiration, read the valorisation sheets of NanoFront PhD students Marien Bremmer and Marco Tompitak. Marien wrote about his research on the live imaging of real catalysts under reaction conditions. Apart from the industries that are interested in the techniques and devices he uses, Marien also described the benefits that it may have for society, as it may lead to  environmental friendlier catalysts. Marco's factsheet is about how other research fields can learn from his work on the mechanical genome of DNA molecules.