Master class: "New Physics, the Physics beyond the Standard Model"



two full days


Maastricht, the Netherlands


Maastricht Science Programme is organizing a two day event with masterclasses for students and a key lecture by Nobel prize winner Gerard 't Hooft.

The Standard Model is a grand synthesis of what is known about all particles that have been observed to play a role in the sub-atomic world. The peculiarities of their interactions all fit in a beautiful mathematical scheme. Yet there are obvious limitations in what can be investigated in experiments, and our theoretical understanding suggests that there must be more under the surface. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a joint European project of CERN, Geneva, devised to make particles collide with more energy than ever before, and investigators hope that these experiments will yield new hints for further refinements of our understanding. Which new theoretical principles should we employ, and will it make sense to start designing even bigger particle accelerators?  LHC will soon begin its second run, at nearly twice the energy of the previous years.
Maastricht Science Programme is organizing a two day masterclass event ‘NEW PHYSICS which deals with the current challenges to Theoretical Physics beyond the Standard Model’. The topics will be focussing on phenomena and experimental results not explained in the Standard Model, theoretical predictions of the Standard Model that are not observed, and current problems in providing an all-encompassing theoretical framework for Nature.

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