Meso School 2016 on Topological Matter, Interactions and Light Matter-Coupling



The Meso School 2016  on Topological Matter, Interactions and Light Matter-Coupling will take place from Monday, October 31, 2016 to Saturday, November 12, 2016 at the Cargèse Scientific Studies Institute (IESC, Corsica, France). 

The main objective of this Cargèse 2016 school, organized by the GDR 2426 of quantum mesoscopic physics in continuation of the schools Aussois 2005, Cargèse 2008, and Cargèse 2012, is to introduce state of the art methods and techniques of mesoscopic physics at the graduate level (PhD students and post-doctoral, or even master students are thus welcome).

The focus is both on the acquisition of basic knowledge in mesoscopic physics (Landauer-Büttiker formalism, Coulomb blockade in quantum dots, quantum Hall effect and its edge channels, etc.) and on the discovery of current and emerging subjects (two-dimensional materials, topological insulators, Majorana fermions, low-noise measurements, many-body localization, etc.) at the edge of research.

Lecturers: Fabien Alet (Toulouse), Olivier Arcizet (Grenoble), Christophe Brun (Paris), Jérôme Cayssol (Bordeaux), Claude Chapelier (Grenoble), Tristan Cren (Paris), Dominique Delande (Paris),Serge Florens (Grenoble), Mark Goerbig (Orsay), Benjamin Huard (Paris), Vincent Jacques (Montpellier), Vincent Josse (Palaiseau), Hugues Pothier (Saclay), François Parmentier (Saclay), Frédéric Piéchon (Orsay), Benjamin Sacépé (Grenoble), Janine Splettstösser (Göteborg) and Xavier Waintal (Grenoble).

Registration fees for the school amount to 800 euros. Registration fees include accommodation, some meals (lunches mostly), and the shuttles between the airport and the IESC. But they do not include the trip to Corsica and the majority of diners. The deadline for pre-registration is 30 June 2016. The registration procedure is
detailed here.

All participants in the school may bring a poster to present their research.