Miriam Blaauboer is Teacher of the Year 2017 of AS (TU Delft)


(By: www.tudelft.nl) During the Science Day at the Art Centre in Delft, Lucas van Vliet, dean of the faculty of Applied Sciences, announced that Miriam Blaauboer is Teacher of the Year of AS for 2017. Blaauboer will be nominated for the TU-wide Teacher of the Year election on behalf of AS.

The students who voted for Miriam Blaauboer praised her for her passion, among other qualities. ‘She is just completely awesome and always enthusiastic about her field of physics’, one of them said. Blaauboer was nominated for the study programme of Applied Physics. For Life Science & Technology, Nanobiology and Molecular Science & Technology, the winners of this year were Cristian Picioreanu, Bertus Beaumont and Arjan Houtepen respectively.

Each study association nominated three candidates for the Teacher of the Year award of their study programme. Below is the complete list of nominees:

VvTP / Applied Physics:
Rob Mudde
Fons Daalderop
Miriam Blaauboer

S.V. LIFE / Life Science & Technology:
Jack Pronk
Peter-Leon Hagendoorn
Cristian Picioreanu

S.V.N.B. Hooke / Nanobiology:
Fokko van de Bult
Bertus Beaumont
Joyce Lebbink

TG / Molecular Science & Technology
Volkert van Steijn
Michiel Kreutzer
Arjan Houtepen

Do you want to know what students said about all of these top teachers? Then download this PowerPointpresentatie