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Snellius building, Leiden


Nanochemistry for Physicists

Nanoscience forms a fascinating research area in which physics, surface science and chemistry join forces to create new functionalities based on nanometer-sized elements. In almost all its subfields, ranging from molecular electronics to photo-excitation of quantum dots, chemical concepts and techniques play a key role. However, many PhD students and postdoctoral fellows who perform research in nanoscience have a pure physics background. In general, these researchers have received very little or no education in chemistry during their BSc and Msc studies. The resulting lack of knowledge of chemistry often prevents a thorough understanding of the relation between the physical and the chemical aspects in their research work, even in simple cases. Additionally, several concepts in physics and chemistry have different nomenclature. We have personally experienced that the existence of such jargons may seriously hinder communication between chemists and physicist. Hence even such an apparently trivial matter can be in the way of high level research collaborations in nanoscience. 

Course aims

The winterschool “Nanochemistry for Physicists” aims to bridge the knowledge and jargon gap between chemistry and physics. The school will consist of four different tutorials that will be given by esteemed chemists. All of them are strongly involved in collaborations with physicists and are hence familiar with the knowledge and terminology gap discussed above. In addition, four topical lectures will be given on the exciting interface between chemistry and physics.

The lecturers will be asked to reach out to the participants by making use of their physics knowledge already present, so that the learning process will be efficient. We will stimulate the participants, in turn, to freely ask questions and discuss matters that they do not understand. In the months prior to the workshop, we will give participants the chance to add burning questions to a list that will be given to the lecturers on time for them to prepare. In this way, an interactive and fruitful winterschool is strived for. Every lecture series will conclude with an interactive exercise and discussion session. A secondary aim of the workshop is to further build out the already lively nanoscience community in the Netherlands and Europe. For this reason, a poster session is also included, so that each participant can present his/her work.


In order to receive the 5 credits for this winterschool, participants should attend all the lectures during the five days, and they should actively contribute to the discussions.



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