New initiative for PhD students: sign up now for the BiophysicsNL meetup


Greg Stephens, Tom Shimizu and Hyun Youk have developed a new student seminar initiative aimed at biophysics PhD students within the Netherlands, but also welcoming to postdocs and faculty. The series will often (but not exclusively) draw on the talents of our invited KNAW Biophysics Meeting speakers and is intended to provide a practical and pedagogical focus not often present in a research seminar.

Events will take place in Amsterdam and our next lecture will occur on Dec 8th: An Introduction to Quantitative Image Processing with Andre Brown, MRC Imperial College London.

To organize this series (and perhaps other events) among the varied universities and research institutes, they have created the BiophysicsNL meetup group. Meetup is a social organizing website which requires free registration but importantly provides useful tools to plan events. Group members can easily register for particular events and see where and when the events will occur. Everyone interested (including PI's) is invited to join their BiophysicsNL group.