NWO-ECHO grant for Martina Huber


Dr. Martina Huber (Leiden University) has received a NWO-ECHO grant to carry out her research on “Disease-Active States of Alzheimer's Amyloid-beta Peptide by High-Field EPR”.

In order to understand the molecular interactions in Alzheimer's disease, the elusive aggregates that are important in the disease need to be known. Huber explains: "Using our unique high-field EPR spectrometer we will obtain high-resolution information on aggregates of the relevant proteins in situ. The 30-fold higher magnetic field/frequency of this locally designed and constructed instrument provides the resolution to determine structural detail not accessible by conventional spectrometers. Understanding the protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions is an important step in illuminating the disease." 

ECHO is the Dutch acronym for Excellent Chemical Research. ECHO grants enable researchers to develop creative, risky ideas aimed at scientific innovation.The ECHO grant amounts to 260,000 euros.