NWO Rubicon grants for Delft/BN alumna Jorine Eeftens and Delft/QN alumnus Rocco Gaudenzi


NWO awards Rubicon grants to researchers who recently obtained their PhD to conduct research of their own choice at renowned institutes abroad. Two out of the twenty Rubicon grants of the latest round will go to Casimir alumni: Jorine Eeftens and Rocco Gaudenzi.

Phase separation in DNA organisation
Dr J.M. (Jorine) Eeftens (f), TU Delft, United States, Princeton University, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, 24 months

The organisation of DNA is a challenge for every living cell. This researcher will study the role of phase separation during this process. Once we improve our understanding of this we will also be able to study deviations in phase separation in diseases such as ALS.

Concepts from mesoscopic physics in particle physics. Unveiling a success story in contemporary science
Dr R. (Rocco) Gaudenzi (m), TU Delft, Germany, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Structural changes in the system of knowledge, 24 months

Why are concepts from condensed-matter physics so fruitful for the increasingly abstract high-energy physics? This researcher will study this crucial conceptual transfer between the two major branches of modern and contemporary physics and investigate its present implications.