NWO Vidi grants for Milan Allan (Leiden), Chirlmin Joo (Kavli/BN), Michael Wimmer (Kavli/QN), and Stephanie Wehner (QuTech)


In this year's round, in total four PI's of the Leiden Institute of Physics and the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience have been successful in obtaining a NWO Vidi grant. Out of the 509 proposals, the NWO committee decided to grant the proposals of Milan Allan ('A new perspective on the mysterious quantum soup'), Chirlmin Joo ('The arms race between bacteria and viruses'), Michael Wimmer ('Designing robust quantum building blocks'), and Stephanie Wehner ('Large quantum networks made of small quantum devices'). 

Vidi is targeted at the excellent researcher who has carried out several years of research after obtaining the PhD degree, and in doing this has demonstrated the ability to independently generate and effect innovative ideas. The maximum grant that can be applied for is 800.000 euros.