PD position in Delft, Akhmerov group

Our research focuses on the development of a platform for observation and manipulation of Majorana fermions. This work is made in close collaboration with the group of Leo Kouwenhoven and other experimental groups. Other research directions include graphene, mesoscopic superconductor devices, quantum transport theory, and the theory of topological insulators.

Anton currently supervises Sebastian Rubbert, Adriaan Vuik and co-supervise Bernard van Heck. If you want to learn informally about the way the group works, feel free to email them.

The conference and summer school participation as well as computing needs are covered from a separate fund. Both PhD students and postdocs from abroad are eligible for the tax reduction known as the 30% ruling, which results in a somewhat higher salary than listed below.

Postdoc position

The postdoc salary depends on the year after graduation, and starts from about 2000€ after tax. The contract duration is 3 years, and there are no teaching obligations.

The candidates should email the standard application materials to:

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29 March 2011 - 1 January 2021

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