PD position in Delft, DiCarlo lab: Feedback control of superconducting circuits for quantum information processing



Superconducting circuits, and in particular the circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture, are a leading platform for quantum information processing in the solid state.  Over the last decade, significant developments in qubit initialization, control and readout  have allowed meeting most of DiVincenzo’s feasibility criteria for a quantum computer.  Today, we can prepare and detect multi-qubit entanglement violating Bell and Mermin-type inequalities, and execute simple quantum algorithms with speedup.  However, to continue moving forward, a shift from open-loop  to closed-loop control is required. By this we mean control of qubits that is conditional on the result of measurements performed on them (feedback) or other qubits (feedforward) in real time. Key examples include teleportation and quantum error correction. Join our effort to close the feedback loop in circuit QED. We are developing a toolbox of quantum measurements (single-qubit readouts, multi-qubit parity meters, etc) and harnessing recent breakthroughs in qubit coherence to usher in  this important shift.

The ideal candidate for our group has an excellent grasp or keen interest in applied quantum mechanics and quantum information processing. He or she also has experience and/or interest in the technical disciplines essential to our experimental work:

  • micro/nano fabrication
  • microwave engineering
  • circuit design
  • cryogenics
  • real-time signal processing (field-programmable gate arrays, digitizers, etc.)
  • programming (Python, LabView, Mathematica, Igor, Matlab, etc.)



Excellent candidates are encouraged to contact Leo DiCarlo (

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7 - 8 October 2019


29 - 30 October 2019

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11 - 15 November 2019

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