PhD and postdoc positions in Delft, VanderSypen lab: Quantum computation and simulation on a silicon chip

The promise of quantum computation and simulation is to solve important scientific problems that are beyond the reach of conventional computers. We choose to use the spin of a single electron isolated in a quantum dot as a quantum bit. We are able to control and read out the spins fully electrically and with great precision in few-qubit arrays. The use of silicon to host the quantum dots offers extremely long coherence times combined with a fabrication process that is CMOS compatible. In the coming years, the major goals are to realise two-dimensional networks of silicon quantum bits, to push the limits of the memory and gate fidelity of the spins, to implement quantum algorithms and error correction schemes, and to emulate quantum magnetism and related many-body physics phenomena. 

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6 April 2011 - 1 January 2021

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