PhD position in Delft, Caro group: Trapping and Raman-identification of bacteria in water using photonic crystal cavities


The goal of this project  is to study and establish the physical mechanisms for sensing of bacteria in water based on a nanocavity in a two-dimensional photonic crystal (PhC). Such a crystal is a periodic modulation of the dielectric constant, with a modulation period comparable to the wavelength of light. The nanocavity is an ultra-small resonator for electromagnetic waves inside the crystal, leading to a greatly enhanced and locally concentrated optical field. This property can be applied for both optical trapping of bacteria in water and their subsequent identification by Raman spectroscopy. These functionalities of PhC cavities will lead to rapid on-line sensing and identification of bacteria in water. We look for an experimental physicist with a background in photonics or solid-state physics and with affinity to bio-sensing. Experience in device fabrication is helpful. This is a 4 year Ph.D. position at the Delft University of Technology; GRE (Physics) and TOEFL scores are very helpful for international applicants.

For more information please contact Jaap Caro If you want to apply, please click here.

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6 April 2011 - 1 January 2021

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