PhD Position in Delft: NWO Materialen NL Materials challenges: Tailored magnetocaloric materials for magnetic heat pumps


1PhD position: Experimental studies of novel magnetic materials aiming at:

A. Development of giant magnetocaloric materials that are specifically tailored to enable magnetic heat pumps with a superior energy efficiency compared to the current generation of gas-based heat pumps. Improved fundamental understanding of the physics that drives the extraordinary response of MCE materials in external magnetic fields.

B. Improved understanding of correlations between magnetic, electronic and lattice degrees of freedom from combined experiments and computational studies (performed by PhD colleague) , allowing for a better definition of the maximum achievable magnetocaloric response.

C. Achieve the same giant magnetocaloric effect (characterized by the coefficient of refrigerant performance) for a lower magnetic field of only 0.5 T in order to achieve the same performance with AlNiCo instead of NdFeB magnets.

Within the section Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy currently a diverse and international group of 10 PhD students works on novel materials and advanced materials characterization.

Selection Criteria

A recent MSc degree in Physics, Chemical Engineering or Materials Sciences (or equivalent);

Ability to perform research independently;

Good communication skills;

Good proficiency in the English language (both oral and written, at least C1 level);

Excellent grades and references.


Prof. Dr Ekkes Brück head of section FAME, Department RST, Faculty of Applied Sciences TU Delft.


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12 - 13 October 2022

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