Publication by the Vandersypenlab in Nature Nanotechnology (August 10, 2014): 'Electrical control of a long-lived spin qubit in a Si/SiGe quantum dot'


Nanofabricated quantum bits permit large-scale integration but usually suffer from short coherence times due to interactions with their solid-state environment. The outstanding challenge is to engineer the environment so that it minimally affects the qubit, but still allows qubit control and scalability. In their article, published in Nature Nanotechnology on August 10, 2014, Casimir PhD students Erika Kawakami and Pasquale Scarlino, QT-alumnus dr. Floris Braakman, professor Lieven Vandersypen (et al.) demonstrate a long-lived single-electron spin qubit in a Si/SiGe quantum dot with all-electrical two-axis control. Click here for further reading.