Quantum Many-Body workshop series





Understanding collective phenomena in strongly correlated quantum many-body systems is one of the biggest challenges in modern condensed matter physics. Development of efficient computational methods and conformal field theory topped up with the recent progress on cold atoms experiments make the study of low-dimensional strongly correlated systems one of the hottest topics in the field. The goal of this workshop is to bring together local experts working on various aspects of quantum many-body theory to regenerate the network of scientific connections and to initiate new collaborations in the area.

Invited speakers:

  May 25th:
- Kareljan Schoutens (UvA/QuSoft)
- Laurens Vanderstraeten (UGent)
- Mikael Fremling (UU)
- Lieven Vandersypen (TUD)
- Bernard Nienhuis (Leiden, to be confirmed)

  May 31st:
- Philippe Corboz (UvA)
- Lars Fritz (UU)
- Jordi Tura Brugues (Leiden)
- Juraj Hasik (UvA)

  June 2nd:
- Dirk Schuricht (UU)
- Jiri Minar (UvA)
- Vladimir Gritsev (UvA)

Registration and more information can be found via this link.

Registration deadline: May 14th.

There is no registration fee for these workshops, but participants should cover travel costs themselves.