QuTech Academy course: Fundamentals of Quantum Information



15:45-17:45 (Tuesday) and 08:45-10:45 (Friday)


Delft: every Tuesday in Aula-Lecture Hall B; every Friday in Aula Lecture Hall C


Quantum information is the future of computing and communication. Quantum computers offer exponential speedup over any classical computer. Similarly, quantum communication offers many advantages, including the ability to create secure encryption keys where security rests only on the laws of nature.

This class will teach you the fundamental principles of quantum information. You will learn essential concepts that distinguish quantum from classical devices. You will learn about quantum bits and the quantum operations and measurements that can be performed on them. You will learn the basic techniques used in quantum algorithms, and examine basic examples of such algorithms. You will also take the first step in understanding how a quantum bit can be physically implemented. The aim of this course is to learn the fundamental concepts underlying quantum computation and communication systems. 

Course dates: The course will be given in Delft on Tuesday afternoons (15:45-17:45h) and Friday mornings (08:45-10:45h) over the period of September 6th until October 25th.

Course details

Dr. L. di Carlo  &  Dr. M. Blaauboer.
Expected prior knowledge
Knowledge of linear algebra, probability and statistics.
Course Contents
Approximate syllabus:
- quantum states, unitary operations, and measurements;
- universal gate sets;
- entanglement, Bell test;
- basic quantum communication protocols;
- basic algorithms and quantum algorithmic techniques;
- basic quantum error correction;
- simple physical implementations of qubits.
Study Goals
To learn the fundamental concepts underlying quantum computation and communication systems. 
Education Method
3 hours of lecture, 1 hour tutorial per week.
Literature and Study Materials
The main reference textbook for the course is Nielsen and Chuang, “Quantum Computation and Information”, Cambridge University Press.
For PhDs: similar to MSc students.
For MSc students: 30% homework assignments, 10% in class quiz, 60% final exam. A minimum grade of 5.0 (unrounded) for the final exam is required to pass the course.
 Contact hours
4 hours per week; 7.5 weeks
 Graduate School Credits
5 GSCs

QuTech Academy
The QuTech Academy is part of QuTech and aims to educate quantum engineers of the future. Participation of Casimir PhDs to their courses is free of charge.

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